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Locate files by name

Episode #6 - 2013-06-09 - 3 min
In this episode we are going to review the locate and updatedb commands provided by the mlocate package. Locate is a useful command for finding files quickly. We will also look at updatedb.conf, reviewing the PRUNEPATHS option, using this to limit the stress on your servers.

Create a Vagrant box with Veewee

Episode #5 - 2013-06-05 - 9 min
In this episode we will create a Vagrant box with Veewee. We will use Veewee to create a working Vagrant SL (Scientific Linux) 6.4 box from a SL 6.3 template. I will demonstrate the process end-to-end. This process should work with RHEL and CentOS too.


Episode #4 - 2013-05-31 - 5 min
In this episode we will review Vagrant. Vagrant makes it easy to create disposable environments for testing scripts and infrastructure changes.


Episode #3 - 2013-05-05 - 3 min
In this episode we will review SystemRescueCd. SystemRescueCd is a very handy tool for troubleshooting problem. I have used it to re-install grub boot menus, transfer files from nonbootable machines, and a host of other issue. You can also use SystemRescueCd to launch Memtest86 and DBAN.

RPM Changelog

Episode #2 - 2013-05-04 - 3 min
In this episode we will learn how to query and review rpm package information and the changelog history. This can be very helpful in determining whether a bug or CVE security issue has been fixed in a given rpm package.

VirtualBox and CentOS 6.3

Episode #1 - 2013-04-19 - 4 min
In this episode we will use Oracle's VirtualBox to create a CentOS 6.3 virtual machine. Follow along as I download the install media, create a new virtual machine, and install CentOS 6.3. You can also download the CentOS 6.3 virtual machine which was created in this episode.