#59 - Fun with RabbitMQ

About Episode - Duration: 26 minutes, Published: 2019-03-06

In this episode, we will be checking out RabbitMQ. We will chat about worker queues, look at some common use-cases, and then work through a demo of a worker queue in action.

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In this episode, we will be checking out RabbitMQ which is a very popular open-source message broker. Chances are pretty high that you used a website today where RabbitMQ was running behind the scenes without even know it.

Fun with RabbitMQ

We will chat about why RabbitMQ is great for running jobs in the background and out of the critical path for time sensitive web requests. We will walk through common use-cases too.

Fun with RabbitMQ

After that, we will chat about how RabbitMQ works under the hood so that you know how to use it too.

Fun with RabbitMQ

Then, we will look at a demo where we have a few code samples to produce and consume messages going in and out of RabbitMQ.

Fun with RabbitMQ

Finally, we will chat about some common architectures for how you could run RabbitMQ too.

Fun with RabbitMQ

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