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  • What is the Episode Roadmap? Anything that revolves around the Container & DevOps ecosystem. Think, tools like Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Logging, Monitoring, and all the supporting Cloud infrastructure bits (like Terraform, etc). There is no public roadmap, but each week will cover a topic along those lines, hopefully that helps give you an idea.
  • What does the release schedule look like? Four episodes are released per month, one free, and three "PRO" episodes (unlocked via a subscription).
  • What types of plans are there? You have two options. A $9/month plan, great if you want to test the waters. Or, a $99/year plan, that saves you $9 bucks over 12 months, and is also easy to employer expense (since it is a single payment). Both plans, automatically renew until you cancel your subscription.
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